Nippon Shikizai Inc. of Japan is a premier contact cosmetic manufacturing service solution provider.
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Nippon Shikizai Inc. of Japan is a premier contact cosmetic manufacturing service solution provider
Nippon Shikizai Inc. of Japan is a premier contract cosmetic manufacturing service solution provider


Beauence - products for shareholder special benefits program
We proudly offer a few of our products under the brand name ‘Beauence’, exclusively for the shareholder special benefits program. We believe a practical introduction is in order to help to understand our technical capabilities.

Beauence 2017

Mild Essence UV (Sunscreen product)

This sunscreen milk protects from UV rays (UVA and UVB) and helps to prevent the dark spots and freckles damaged by sun. The lightweight fresh texture spreads on the skin effortlessly.
It keeps skin comfortable and gentile on the skin. Three different moisturizing actifs provide with hydration. It defenses against the environmental stressor and damaging effects.

Easy Soft Metallic Liner (Eyeliner)

The gel pencil eyeliner glides smoothly on the lash line and the ram. It is the waterproof formula. The beautiful lines are kept all day. The metallic powder creates the gorgeous look.

Pencil Eyebrow (Eyebrow Pencil)

The soft fine pencil creates the defined eyebrows naturally. The waterproof pencil keeps the beautiful eyebrow all day. The oval shaped pencil (1.5mm x 3mm) draws the natural hair with a couple of stroke.


beauence 2017

beauence 2017

Beauence 2016

Angel Skin Foundation (Foundation)

The slurry injection powder foundation and T-zone powder camouflage the imperfection. The silky lightweight textures glide on face seamlessly. The T-zone powder provides a matte finish and long wearing.

Marshmallow Cheek Color (Blusher)

The soft bouncy cream cheek with 2 different colors creates a buildable soft flash. The airy texture without greasy feeling spreads on face and adds a natural glow to cheeks.


beauence 2016 | Angel Skin Foundation, Marshmallow Cheek Color

Beauence 2015

Powder Primer
(Face Powder / Make-up Primer)

A powder primer that can matte down and prevent foundation from coming off, giving a smooth texture to the skin.
The special powder complex evens out facial tone, and gives natural shine to the complexion.
This primer can be also applied on foundation.

Moisture Rose Serum (Serum)

With a flower-shaped cream, floated in transparent gel, this moisturizing serum clarifies and evens out the skin tone, by providing the skin with watery moisture. Rich in moisturizing and toning ingredients to condition healthy skin.
Softly-scented rose aroma makes your daily facial care more refreshing.


beauence 2015 | Powder Primer, Moisture Rose Serum

Beauence 2014

Clear up face protector (Sunscreen)

This sunscreen, SPF50 and PA++++, is extremely effective in protecting skin from strong ultraviolet rays (UV-A and UV-B) and helps to prevent damage from sunburn to freckled skin.
Non-Chemical formule to be gentle to the skin. Free of ultraviolet absorbers, parabens, alcohol, synthetic pigments, and synthetic fragrances.
Long lasting and comfortable texture.
Makes smooth skin and brighten skin.
Contains moisturizing and other skin-care ingredients that enhances your skin’s appearance and condition.
Moisturizers: Strawberry geranium extract, Scutellaria root extract, Oenothera biennis seed extract, Prune extract, Lactobacillus/Pear Juice Ferment Filtrate, and Hydrolyzed collagen.
Skin-care ingredients: Stearyl glycyrrhetinate.

Macaroon powder (Cheek Color)

This dome-shaped powder cheek color can be applied directly on the skin.
The silky texture creates the natural complexion.
The soft fresh pink color makes the healthy bright tone.
beauence 2014 | Clear up face protector

beauence 2014 | Cheek Color

Beauence 2013

Aqua Smooth Charge (Face Cream)

Retains skin moisture and protects from drying. Contains Na-Hyaluronate, Collagen (water soluble), Retinal, Jojoba seed oil, Scualane, and olive oil (moisturizer). Quickly absorbed by the skin, provides moisture and prevents fine wrinkles from drying and becoming noticeable.

* Efficacy evaluation test was implemented.

Double Lip Serum (Lip lotion)

Maintains beauty components in the inner layers and provides moisture to the lips from honey, Na-Hyaluronate, Royal Jelly extract, Wild Thyme extract (organic), Origanum majorana leaf extract and Panax ginseng root extract (moisturizing ingredient). The components in the outer layer include avocado oil, grape seed oil, macadamia nut oil, scualane, beeswax (emollient ingredient) producing a coating that prevents drying and creating bright, full lips.
Shikizai beauence 2013 | Face cream and Lip lotion

beauence 2013 | Face cream and Lip lotion

Beauence 2012

Nuance Creamy Cheeks

Marbled cream cheek color, naturally blends on the skin, enables you to make your complexion clear and healthily bright. Nuance Creamy Cheeks performs to create a glowing skin tone, looks like refreshed skin after taking a bath.

Perfect Sun Screen SPF50+ PA+++

The sunscreen, extremely effective to protect the skin from ultraviolet rays. The silky cream moisturizes the dry skin. It is a very soft and comfortable formula for the skin. This sunscreen emits a mood-enhancing aroma of natural roses (essential oil), helps relax and refresh both your mind and body.
Shikizai beauence_nuance_creamy_cheeks_2012


Beauence 2011

Beauence Beauty-Up Mascara
Encourages the eyelashes to look thick and stable at the root, with each eyelash tip beautifully detailed, and without clumping. A curved brush comes with this mascara allowing the lifting of your eyelashes, as well as applying appropriate amounts of the mascara. This mascara is very durable, with less smudging over time. Also contains an eyelash protective constituent, Yuzu Ceramide, and can be simply cleaned with hot water.

Beauence Eyeshadow Palette
A set of soft powder eyeshadows that includes four colors and feels smooth and creamy when applied. Use this set of eyeshadows to crate a spring-like brightness and freshness to your eyes.
Shikizai Beauty-Up Mascara

Eyeshadow Palette

Beauence 2010

Beauence Whitening Concealer S
The whitening concealer features these 3 effects; skin shielding, using SPF38, PA++, from harmful UV radiation in daily life, coverage of areas of facial skin that have blotches or dull complexion, and the whitening of facial skin. The stick type dispenser of the concealer is also handy to carry.

Beauence Protective Powder
Excellent for skin protection, with a high level of shielding of the skin, using SPF50 PA+++, from harmful UV radiation in daily life. The fine, protective powder spreads evenly on your face, adding a fresh and healthy complexion.

* Contains Saxifraga stolonifera Curtis and Cynara scolymus essence (components in maintaining fresh, beautiful and moisturized skin)
Shikizai Whitening Concealer S

Protective Powder

Beauence 2009
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Beauence Loose Powder
SPF 50+/PA+++

Pinkish beige fluffy powder, fitting for the skin, enables you to control the tone balance of your complexion, cleanly and transparently. This loose powder is also extremely effective to protect your skin from ultraviolet rays, matching the highest protection ratings, SPF50+ and PA+++.

Beauence Glosscarat
Diamond-shaped lip gloss, looking gorgeous and creating a three-dimensional effect.
A pair of lip glosses, in 2 colors, are included; one is gold, which delicately shines with fine lines of golden pearl. The other is a red color with a brilliant hue, without being too strong. Each of these lip glosses performs to create rich, wet lips by adding moisture, as well as bringing out the inherent natural shape of your lips.

These lip glosses are very easy to apply, even for beginners, as they can be easily removed after wearing. While the lip glosses contain royal jelly essence / Na-hyaluronan / chamomilla recutita (moisturizer), they also help to moisten lips to last, when lips tend to dry during long usage.

Shikizai Beauence Loose Powder SPF 50+/PA+++

Beauence Glosscarat

Beauence 2009

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Nippon Shikizai Inc. of Japan is a premier contact cosmetic manufacturing service solution provider.

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