For Global Beauty

We operate globally in three primary business areas as a beauty professional.

Taking Made in France to the world

Taking Made in France to the world

As our foothold for the launch of global operations, in February 2000
Nippon Shikizai acquired and took control of the French pharmaceutical and
cosmetics OEM manufacturer Thepenier. French-made cosmetics owe their
success to their long history and traditions, and continue to attract women
from around the world. Our aim was to supply high added-value products to
customers in Japan and overseas by making use of the Thepenier high level of
quality which supports famous European brands. We completed a special
manufacturing building for makeup cosmetics in 2003, which currently
manufactures foundations, eye shadows, cheek blush, and other powder products. In January 2017, Thepenier acquired Orleans Cosmetics, a cosmetic OEM manufacturer specializing in cosmetics. As a result, in France it is possible to produce products thoroughly from R & to manufacturing, and handle a wide range of items. This will be a large boost to the provision of the Nippon Shikizai engineering abilities and quality management capability to European manufacturers. Japan-France collaboration in the cosmetics fields is certain to attract attention from around the world.

Expand our business fields without limit

As the pace of globalization accelerates, we are taking an active approach not only to Europe, but also to the vast American market and to Asia where dramatic growth is expected. Aiming to establish an advanced production system utilizing the high technological capability of Nippon Shikizai, we are working to globally optimize our production and sales. In this way, we are planning active global expansion in three areas: Europe, America, and Asia. We want to demonstrate ourselves as a beauty professional to the world.


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