Marketing & ProductPlanning

Global marketing and product planning We remain focused at all times in the world.

Innovative marketing using exact prototypes

Cosmetics are an industrial product, but at the same time they are
a product that requires a high sense of fashion.
As an ODM manufacturer, Nippon Shikizai knows that we must
carefully identify consumer needs and conduct planning that leads
to new product proposals. Each of the members of our company's
Product Planning and Marketing Divisions are expert in a wide
range of areas related to ODM manufacture, and we have constructed
a foundation of extensive data and expertise which we have collected
through our manufacturing experience. Based on this foundation,
we maintain a product planning capability that can respond quickly to
changes in the trends and needs of the times. As a result, we are involved
in the manufacturing process beginning from our customers' product
planning and concept creation stages. Over the years, we have developed an original marketing ability that,
through close cooperation with the R&D Division, allows us to propose the exact products which meet customer
needs, as well as a fine-tuned ability to work with the customer until the new product has been completed.
The scale of our business is now expanding into the world. We will further reinforce these two abilities in order to further strengthen our bonds of trust with customers worldwide.

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