At Nippon Shikizai, Inc. (hereinafter, "Shikizai"), the handling of all information tied to specific individuals such as customers, stockholders, clients and related personnel, and employees (hereinafter, Personal Information) will be conducted in accordance with the "Safeguarding Policy for Personal Information" defined below in order to keep it private.

Safeguarding Policy for Personal Information (Privacy Policy)

Shikizai acquires, uses, and provides Personal Information with appropriate methods within a limited scope as necessary for carrying out its business properly, hiring employees, and managing personnel affairs, and will never use Personal Information outside of this necessary and defined scope (or for any other purpose). Also, measures are in place to prevent Personal Information from being used for other purposes.
Shikizai has a clear management system in place with the necessary regulations defined for safeguarding Personal Information, and maintains it diligently. In addition, these guidelines and regulations are reviewed regularly for continuous improvement.
Shikizai applies the necessary preventive and corrective measures to keep Personal Information from being leaked, lost, modified, damaged, or otherwise tampered with.
Shikizai complies with the laws and ordinances determined by the national government for safeguarding Personal Information.
The Company responds all complaints and requests related to the handling of Personal Information promptly and sincerely.
For inquiries related to the handling of Personal Information, please contact Shikizai's General Affairs Department
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Updated September 26th, 2017
Nippon Shikizai, Inc.
Yasuhiko Todani, President