Quality Guarantee


As your best partner we are working on satisfactory quality assurance.

At Nihon Shikizai, we carry out evaluations for safety, peace of mind, usefulness, and compliance with standards at every step of our processes ranging from draft planning to raw material adoption, prescription development, manufacturing activities, and quality inspection activities.
The data acquired through these evaluations is used for feedback, and a PDCA cycle is constructed paired with sharing market information and technical trends which assists new product development and improvement activities.
We provide a high level of quality to ensure customer satisfaction.

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【Quality guidelines】

At Nippon Shikizai, Inc., our corporate philosophy is "contributing to the improvement of daily life and culture by creating beauty and health." Based on this philosophy, we have developed a quality management system that all personnel take part in, and provide products and services to satisfy our customers and meet their expectations through continuous improvement.

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    Our mission is to contribute to society, and by providing high-quality products and services in all of our activities, we aim to build a relationship of trust and continuous satisfaction with our customers.
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    All personnel maintain high ethical standards, and we ensure thorough compliance with the requirements of all related laws and regulations.
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    We will implement continuous improvement, through establishing a comprehensive quality management system in accordance with international standards which covers all aspects of our processes ranging from research and development all the way to production, sales, and post-services.
June 1st, 2016
Kouji Okumura, Chairman

【Quality assurance standards】

At Nippon Shikizai, we work to ensure quality while abiding by the standards and ministerial ordinances below.

  • ISO22716 "Cosmetics GMP Guidelines" (Good Manufacturing Practice)
    Compliance with international standards for manufacturing and quality management. These regulations define the handling and implementation methods for various aspects related to employees, facilities, manufacturing, products, and raw materials, and for this reason the Japan Cosmetic Industry Association has chosen them as the independent standards for the industry.
  • GQP (Good Quality Practice) and GVP (Good Vigilance Practice)
    This is a ministerial ordinance related to standards for quality control and safety management after manufacturing and sales for medical supplies, non-medicinal products, cosmetics, and medical instruments.
  • 21 CFR 210/211 (FDA)
    Our Zama Factory and Tsukuba Factory are registered with the FDA (the U.S. Food and Drug Administration) as production facilities for over-the-counter cosmetics (suntan lotion) to be sold in the United States. We are currently intensifying our efforts for the stricter standards of c-GMP. (FEI Zama Factory: 3001651340, Tsukuba Factory: 3012051074).