Production Technology

Sparing no effort at any stage of the process Technical capability that can meet clients’ needs for all kind of production


Precise production plans for a diverse product lineup

What is essential to the "quality of beauty" is not just the color and
texture; because cosmetics are applied directly to the consumers'
skin, safety and stability are also essential elements and must be
given top priority. What supports this safety and stability is
the production technology capability that produces the final product.
Because cosmetics involve a sense of fashion, the market cycle has
now become even shorter, and marketing has become more difficult,
involving problems such as popular products being out of stock and
large dead stocks of unpopular products. As a result, the manufacturing
environment requires precise production management that is connected
directly to the sales frontline.
Nippon Shikizai provides a stable supply of safe products, and has constructed a production system that achieves
precise production management which is connected to the sales environment. We call it ”Total Support Formation”.
We also were among the first to create a product database that provides support for marketing by cosmetics
manufacturers, and we utilize this vast amount of data and our many years of experience in our Total Support Formation.

Dependable production capability making extensive use of the latest equipment

Large-scale mass production is needed for a cosmetics manufacturer's best-selling and long-selling products,
as well as other popular products. On the other hand, small-lot, high-variety production is needed for gift
products and other seasonal products. Customers present us with a diverse range of requirements for production
volumes and delivery dates, such as production in units of 3,000 to 10,000, or production ranging from
the mid- and long-term to units of months or even weeks. As a result, we must plan our production precisely
according to the type of product, the order quantity, and the delivery date, and must carry out efficient and
flexible control of the actual production lines.
Although automation systems are essential for production, in fact the manufacturing of cosmetics requires
the skills of highly trained human beings. These skills are particularly important in the field of color mixing.
The reason is that simply mixing the raw materials and pigments according to the formula is not enough to
produce a satisfactory result. It can be necessary to mix up to 50 – 100 colors for a single series, and it is also
necessary to adjust the grain sizes of the raw material and pigment, as well as the temperature conditions for mixing.
This is an area where the refined skills and experience of the experts, unfathomable to a computer, are exhibited.